You Are Ready!

It’s your time to shine. Not tomorrow but right now. This is your moment and it’s time for you to step into your greatness. You have been playing small far too long. Dimming your light so others can shine. Did you know you were created to shine…to be the light in darkness? It’s no wonder when people encounter you their lives are changed for the better. That’s what light does… illuminates everything so whatever is hidden is revealed. You are ready! Just show up and walk in your power. You must enter the room knowing you belong there. Every space you inhabit you belong in that space. You were born ready! Everything that you need to be successful, you already possess. I challenge you to make a commitment that from this moment forward, each morning when you awaken from your slumber you look up to the heavens and say in a loud resounding voice, Lord, I AM READY!”

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