You Are the Example

You Are the Example


You are the example for every little girl, young woman, sister friend and family member that are in your circle of existence.  You have a huge responsibility on your life.  Are you demonstrating and setting an example that will teach self-respect, humility, strength in the face of adversity, courage, modesty, intelligence, grace, mercy, self-care, forgiveness, and the essence of womanhood?  Are you living the example?  Little girls, young women, sister friends and family are watching your actions….not just listening to your words.  Every action or response that you pour into this world, that is rooted in love, sets a positive example for sisterhood. You may not know who in your sisterhood circle is watching your actions.  Please know that your example,  when rooted in love, is sowing seeds that will grow into empowered, beautiful women.  Let your actions be the seeds that beautifully empower the little girls, young women, sister friends and family members in your sisterhood circle.  Be empowered!


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