You are what you consume…!!!

This is giving you an insight on watching what you consume because subconsciously you become what you allow.

You are what you consume… what do I mean by that you ask? We often don’t understand how energy works when it comes to the music we listen to and what we watch on tv. This does not only apply to the people we let into our lives. You have to be mindful. This can happen without us sometimes even noticing because it’s apart of our routine or what society is displaying for us. From social media especially, we all join in on the memes and gossip whether it’s true or not or even the news where we are constantly seeing our trauma displayed before us.  Take a step and think about who you are letting influence you. Me for instance I try to consume more self help content than I do anything else. It often  helps you realize what junk you could be letting into your mind. When you return to the junk you realize how much time you’re wasting on things that aren’t helping make your situation better or what is not feeding your brain. This is why it also helps to know who your are so you are not easily influenced. Create a space for your mind that is conducive your mental and physical well being.

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