You can’t make them see your worth!

You can’t make someone see your worth. You can’t make them see something they’re refusing to see. You will physically, mentally, and emotionally drain yourself trying to make them see. It’s not your job to make them see the phenomenal person you are!


Your job is to be you through and through. That means the best you! Yes how other people perceive you is important, but what matters even more is character. 


How people perceive you or  their “opinion” matters to a certain degree. But remember opinion isn’t fact. Opinion is personal belief which often isn’t based on facts or knowledge The big issue is character!


Character is who you are from the inside out. From your morals to your values to your beliefs. Your character stands apart from opinion. What others think of you doesn’t have to define you. 


At the end of the day you can only control you. So if they can’t see the real you that’s on them. If they can’t see how incredible you are that’s their loss. Don’t make yourself a victim of someone’s blindness. 

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