You Got This!

I’ve been a Military Spouse for 7 years. Prior to marriage, I had already established my career goals. I knew where I was going or so I thought (lol). However, after marriage, I had to modify my goals and get creative. My husband’s career took the main stage and overshadowed my dreams and I became resentful. There are many people who can relate! The resentment occurred because we were not on the same page. Resentment also occurred because I was stuck inside the box, I created prior to marriage instead of looking outside of the box. I was stuck in my OWN way.


Military life can be difficult at times but I’ve learned the greatest lessons during this time.  A couple of years ago, I sat down with a pencil and notebook and set goals that have ultimately helped me overcome negative feelings in order to succeed. Military life is something that I cannot control but by revisiting my goals I was able to achieve more than if I would have stayed stuck on my SINGLE goals. My personal opinion is that military spouses become complacent and in doing so we forget to do the things that make us happy.        


When is the last time you revisited goals you have set for yourself? Goals are powerful tools. The number one reason I created E & R Life Coaching is because I love people but most importantly to share my gift with others. 


If you need help with goals, establishing a new plan, building confidence or life in general, book with me today.

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