You have a God given Talent

Growing up my mom continuously talked to me and my siblings about God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ; she would tell us about how we are all blessed with spiritual gifts. Ever since she told me that, I have been on a quest to find my spiritual gift. I explored so many of my interest. I enjoyed doing things like shopping, hanging out with friends,  but couldn’t  find the talent in my interest. I prayed to God to help me to find my talent. 

As I grew closer to the lord, I learned that Gods spiritual gifts are not so much of your interest, rather that unique difference that no one has as honest as you do.

As the scripture says, “God has given us gifts from his spiritual variety.”

The best way to find your gifts, if you’re having trouble recognizing them, is to serve. Service is rooted in purpose and purpose is where you  will find your gifts.



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