Life has it's ups and downs! It is how we handle life's ups and downs that build character. Master you!

Remaining calm takes a lot of work.  What I have learned about remaining calm is that as long as I am responsible for my thinking, words, feelings, actions, reactions, I can remain calm.  Why?  Because I own my part. The role I played in whatever that situation and/or circumstance may have been. 

You’ve gotta learn how to get up off the pot and/or take a dump and/or piss.  I hope that make sense to you.  Leave the mess behind you.  If you don’t have control over what’s going on, you can only do the best you can to keep a storm from brewing.  You can control yourself!

It’s not personal.  It doesn’t have to per say be about you getting your point across all the time.  As long as you understand what’s going on.  Everyone has opinions and points of views about a lot of things.  And they are not gonna always agree with you/yours.

We should accept people right where they are.  As they should accept us right where we are.  Respect one another.  And stop being concerned about being Mr., Mrs., Miss, Right or Wrong about everything.  It’s alright!  Considering!  The CALM before The storm!

A few important things to think about before you fly off the handle.  You!  We could be good listeners!  If we want to be heard when it’s our turn to speak.  Whether you get to speak at all.  Be well with your soul!

Agree with yourself if your feeling some kinda way about what’s going on.  And please when your in this space think before you speak.  It could be you on the other side of that table.  Do not over think it!  You may miss some valid points.  And if you think you have missed some valid points, be respectful enough to ask the person or persons to repeat themselves if they don’t mind for clarity.  Again!  That is, if you get to speak at all!

We can only control ourselves when we find ourselves there.  Acknowledge your part.  Be responsible.  Be respectful.  Be honest.  Be understanding.  Be forgiving.  And sometimes you may have to walk away, for your own peace of mind and well being at that time of being.  And sometimes you may have to just walk away period!

When you are CALM from the beginning, to the middle, to the end of every situation and/circumstance you can not go wrong.  I mean there’s no guarantee.  Do the best that you can.  Be very smart about it before you interact!

As for me when I have been in many of these situations and circumstances before in the past.  The individuals or groups I’ve had to deal with may have taken me for weak, stupid, or a fool. 

As for me and my peace of mind!  It didn’t matter what you thought about me and how I handled those situations and/or circumstances.  I did what was best for us and most likely what was best for me.  Knowing and understanding how far I can take these things! 

It’s about understanding how to be understood, respected, and appreciate it for not taking the situations or circumstances to the next level.  May be even a dangerous level.  You may not know what may trigger an individual. 

So stay calm!  Stay outside of those parameters!  And hopefully everything, everything, is gonna be alright…Master you!  Get it?  Me, Myself, And I! Oh well!  Mastery!  Remain CALM.  I Love you all in general!  My beloved Sister’s & Brother’s!

Peace & Love

Need a life coach?  Let me know.  I am here serve!


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