You Have What It Takes To Be Great

Many people live their lives on a “can’t do” basis. It seems as though we operate with a scarcity mindset while neglecting our talents. Once we tell ourselves that we can’t, we allow this belief system to rob us of our gifts and passions. As a result, we fail to live in abundance. It’s not okay for us to think this way because we all have something special inside of us that the world needs.

Our uniqueness is a power that so few of us explore. You may consider your gift as small, but the people who need what you have sees it as valuable. Many who are at their wits end may even see your talents as a way to keep them from ending their lives. You will never know unless you tap into the gifts that you do have. If you keep letting your inner-critic control you, society will never benefit from what you have to offer.

Know that you were created to be great. No one can stop you but you. It will take faith, persistence, and hard work to experience breakthrough and it must start with you. Begin to work on the things that you would like to accomplish. A simple step forward will allow you to gain the momentum that will take you to the next level. Don’t allow yourself to be defeated; defeat doubt and your life will expound beyond your wildest dreams!

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