You must love you more than you love the other person!

How many times have you been asked, “Do you love yourself or Do you know your self worth?” We all answer it the same way- Of course, I love myself and Yes, I know my self-worth. We go over all the reasons we love ourselves and the different things that we do to honor our self-worth. Why do we forget that when we’re in a relationship? Why do we show that we love a man more than we love ourselves? Why do we allow a man to treat us as if we have no self-worth? I think we do this because we believe the hype. We believe it when society says that there’s a shortage of men, or when a family member or girlfriend tells you it’s better to have a piece of a man than none at all, or that all men have some kind of issue, it’s so hard to start over with a new man, and all the work that you’ve done on this man he’s going to be better and use it on some else and treat them like you want to be treated. Well, Lady guess what? What if society, your family, and your girlfriend are dead wrong!! What if every day, instead of replaying that dead, broken, and miserable relationship with your EX you decide to look in the mirror and remind yourself of your self-worth. You walk in that self-worth with confidence, knowing that God desires for you to have a healthy and whole relationship where there is equal give and take. I challenge you to take 30 days of no contact with your EX, to recant positive mantras to yourself throughout the day, invest in the three BBB’s and pamper yourself. Every time you think about your breakup replace that thought with a prayer. The time is now! Stop patty caking your situation and look at it for what it is. The relationship is over, it will never be the same, the man doesn’t love you, and you deserve better. I believe it. Do you? Coach Mack

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