You Shouldn’t Have

Are my eyes playing tricks on me…? Did you really…just…? No, couldn’t be…well…I don’t deserve you. You could have gotten anyone but you saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself. The happiness I feel when you’re in my presence. The joy that shines upon our encounters. Makes a kid in a candy store twirl, twirl, twirl around and around and around I’m so excited. I must tell someone that this feeling is real, that our connection is real. That our connection feels electric, that the old saying, “You’re the ying to my yang,” finally makes sense. Well, well, well…I don’t understand this tingling inside I can’t sleep for the excitement you have growing within me. My energy is high, my adrenaline is nonstop. The day begins and my heart is overjoyed. I’m so in love with myself but you add to my sweetness. You multiply my smiles, with every touch and every conversation. You are refreshing, you are assuring and that is enough. You know what!! You Shouldn’t Have!

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