Your Appearance Matters

Happy Friday Eve! Speaking of Friday, for a lot of people that means it’s a casual day tomorrow.  For those of you who work in Corporate America, it is a must that we, you and yes, ME always look presentable. What you wear says a lot about who you are. So if you tend to just roll out of bed and throw on an old wrinkled t-shirt with an old pair of ill fitted jeans on Friday’s, people may assume that you simply don’t care about your appearance. Dressing nice isn’t about pleasing others, however, actually liking what you see in the mirror does tend to effect our mood and attitude. One rule that I created for myself is if when I get dressed and look in the mirror and my 1st thought is negative, I immediately change clothes and donate the outfit. IF I don’t like what I see then I will be insecure all day. Why put that kind of pressure on myself? I don’t want you to do that either. It is ok if you’re not the high heels wearing woman. It’s ok if you’re not the business suit kind of guy. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with wearing and what looks best on your body build. So in the morning when you’re getting dressed, always remember, I want to look my best. Use your personality, don’t follow the trends and just be yourself. If you like wearing sweats, make sure they fit properly. If you’re a woman who likes dressing down a little bit, just make sure you hair and makeup (if you wear it) is on point. Wear a colorful lipstick to make the outfit pop. Fellas, if you love those jeans, make sure they aren’t snug like leggings, you need to be able to walk in them. Leave the  Nike slides at home and put on a pair of nice tennis shoes too. No appearance isn’t everything, however, make an appearance every time you leave the house!

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