Your attitude depends on you…

Something you may not know about me is that aside from being a coach, my 9-5 job is at the DMV. (Department of Motor Vehicles).  

This place of employment can be very stressful most days.  The majority of people hate going to the DMV for one reason or another so the moment they arrive to your counter, the energy is set to 100 already.

It is completely up to me how my workday is going to pan out.  I choose to have a positive attitude with every person that comes to my counter as well as with my coworkers.  

The point of this post is that WE have control of how good or how bad our day is going to be.  Whether you work at Disneyland or the DMV.  

Don’t allow other people’s negativity drag you down.  I’ve noticed that when you’re radiating with happiness and confidence, others will go the extra mile to try to break you down.  

Just smile, walk away, and pray for their healing.  Continue to work on yourself and be thankful for the strength each day brings.  

Note: The image on this post is from a greeting card I received from a coworker.  It made my day!  Goes to show people DO pay attention to character and the energy you exude.  

-Coach Yadi


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