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What journey are you currently on? Are you on the journey of fear?

Fear is a horrible feeling and once we label an experience as bad we tend to avoid it. A lot of the things that cause our fear pose no true harm. Our fears can cause us to miss out on so many great things. For many years my mom refused to go on a cruise because she didn’t like the fact of being in the ocean and unable to reach land. My mom decided to give the cruise experience a chance and guess what she loved it 😊 Her fear prevented her from taking part in the cruise experience but when she decided to walk towards that fear she had the best time.

This story rings true for many of you but in different circumstances. Fear develops when we are entering unfamiliar territory and we need to learn that fear exists in situations where there is no threat. Fear happens when we enter new waters and we are learning and growing. When you’re facing fear where there is no threat, you will feel a sense of excitement.

When you learn what’s important to you or when you discover your passion, don’t do everything at once. Take small steps. Take things on in small increments and gain your footing. Small changes will get you over the fear hump and to the finish line of the thing you want to do.

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