Thoughts should never be taken for what they are, until the are “examined”. Majority of our thoughts come from “life”, but not limited to. When we encounter thoughts we know that are not of God, we must cast them down (2 Corinthians 10:5-7). Thoughts can be can be considered as a “stronghold” because they can have a strong hold on you. They affect your mood, how you see life, and what this post is about YOUR FEELINGS. we must get to the point in life that we dont believe the lies our thoughts tell us. Have you ever had a thought come to you while you are down, when you feel like no one cares etc. Yeah!! That’s when they come the most. These are not your thoughts, but they have access because you have an opening for them to come in with your “feelings”. Its a normal thing for us as human beings to go through, but what’s not normal is for us to pray, get counseling, or even get Godly wisdom. So we live with these feelings and thoughts. You dont have to live with them, chose to fight back. Dont let’s how you feel make you think of your life or self any less. GET UP!!!! 

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