Your Input Determines Your Output

This is a reminder to those who have a hard time loving people for who they are but instead love people for what they have. People are not meant to be used and replaced. When you are grounded in your life, you do not need anyone, you truly want them in your life. When you are not grounded, you need them around but you don’t want them in your life. When we love ourselves, we stop accepting anything less than we deserve, and we will be more inclined to waiting for the right person; instead of instinctively jumping into a relationship with the first person who pays us a compliment. Be kind to yourself, heal from past traumas, acquire some certifications/ degrees under your belt, depart from unhealthy habits, become the very best version of yourself before you get into a relationship, so that the next person you date, would be a perfect match and not a temporary fulfillment. When your cup is full, you love differently! Take some time to yourself! and watch your perspective on being single change!

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