Your Mental Space

We go about our days working, commuting, communicating, negotiating and networking eventually our brains need a break. I know some of you remember having brain breaks in school. Your teacher would see the class needs a moment so it would be time for a bathroom break, free time or they would turn on music. It gives you a moment to decompress. 

As an adult, we have to learn when we need to take a brain break and actually do it. This way we will be able to be effective and productive for the rest of the day. 

So when you look at your life how do you give yourself a break? Do you go for a walk on your lunch hour? Do you go home and journal during your quiet time? Do you get on the phone with a friend? 

However you decide is up to you but I want you to recognize that a brain break should leave you feeling better. I’d steer away from the drugs, sex, alcohol after a hard days of work to solely recharge. These habits lead more to destructive behavior vs behavior that helps you in the long run. I’d know I also have worked with clients battling addiction. You don’t necessarily want to go there. 

So I’ll leave you this, If your mind says I still don’t know if I know how to clear my mind with out taking a 2 weeks vacation from my life maybe we should have a chat. Feel free to inbox me on instagram at healthkick365 or just book a session. 

“ A mind is a terrible thing to waste” – one of the greats said that. Anyways hear from you soon! 


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