Your Purpose

This is about why there is purpose in your pain and that though growth can be uncomfortable, the reward is worth it!

Many of us go through life and letting it become us and not actually becoming life itself because sometimes it can become overwhelming to hone in on what we are really living for. I’ve come to know that the things that we see as the worse days of our lives or as weaknesses they’re really just a season for growth which can seem like a lifetime if we are not intentional in that season. In each of us there is something living that we have yet to experience.  If you reflect you will know what God has been calling you to all along was right there in the service that comes so natural to you. I don’t believe God put us on this earth to just help other people live out there purpose but for each of us to have some source of happiness of waking up and doing something that no one can take the credit for. I’ve found myself waking up some mornings with anxiety trying to make it through the work week and anticipating the weekend. In your purpose you get to live a life of freedom in what you are called to do and that’s what you call true happiness.✨

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