Your True Value is Priceless

Are You on the Clearance Rack?

When you see a clearance rack, what do you think of? Real bargains? Top quality at a low price? or Junk nobody wants? Perhaps, but let’s put this thought in the context of building or re-building your Self-Love. If we think of ourselves as low quality, or junk nobody wants because of our past experiences or present situation we erode our worth by falsely applying a clearance rack mentality to ourselves.

Your Homework: ¬†1. Look at your personal power and¬†Strength: What have you endured in your life and still manage to keep going?¬†2. Review your¬†Wisdom:¬†¬†What have you learned about yourself?¬†3.¬†Optimism: Practice erasing negative thoughts and look for ways to remain hopeful.¬†4.¬†Thoughtfulness: Each morning, when you awaken ‚Äď Tell yourself: I appreciate myself and I will work to change what needs to change.

The more you acknowledge your strength and wisdom by being optimistic and thoughtful, you can begin to SWOT away self-doubt and get on the path to being the woman that you were meant to be.

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