Your world needs boundaries

Welcome back, 

My last post I encouraged creating a healthy community. This post is all about forming healthy boundaries with your community.  

Boundaries are rules that keep you feeling safe when interacting with other people. When we are young our parents, teachers and trusted adults tend to take on creating boundaries for us.  When we get older we have to form them on our own. 

Creating boundaries is unique for everyone. While some people may encourage their coworkers to discuss personal details of their lives: others do not. Deciding to not discuss certain topics with coworkers would be an example of setting a healthy boundary. Creating boundaries can help you keep a relationship healthy. 
Healthy relationships have rules.  Imagine living a life where you have to say yes to every opportunity, request or suggestion someone had for you. Your life would no longer be your own it would be greatly influenced by those around you. You would have minimal time to explore your life or live in your purpose. Creating healthy boundaries is necessary in keeping relationships safe.

So I want you to think who are the three people who have the most access to you. It could be a (parent, sibling, friend, spouse, child or coworker)

How do you practice healthy boundaries in that relationship? In what ways you can improve the relationship by creating boundaries? 

Just meditating on theses questions  is the start to building a safe, healthier and happier community for yourself. Take your time. 

-Take care, Sam 

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