I’m Renita.
I am a Minister of the gospel. I'm the founder and CEO of Premium Publications LLC. Also, the CEO of Opulent Coaching and Education LLC. I've earned my BA, GST, with a concentration in Psychology; along with my AS, in Human Service and my AAS, in business Administration. I have 20 years of experience as a case manager working with families who have been homeless and women and children who have been battered. I've worked with individual's who have been  incarcerated, and those who have battled with mental health or substance abuse. I've also worked with children who were runaways and children who were in foster care. 

I mentor and minister to women of all ages. I specialize in Healthy Relationships, Author Coaching, Narcissistic Relationships and Divorce Coaching. Please feel free to email me if there isn't a time available that you would like to schedule a coaching session. Also, I would be willing to discuss pricing if you book 2 or more sessions. Please feel free to email me at;
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I Became a Life Coach

I became a Life Coach because I genuinely like helping other's. I've always had a niche for assisting and supporting other's in being their best person. I believe that when people have the right person to assist them in being there best person; I consider that person to be in a better place to be who God created them to be. Having the right model to assist and support can play an important part in the development and growth of an individual. Over the years I've learned and healed from the many mistakes that I made along the way. 

My dysfunctional upbringing, along with the costly mistakes of life has allowed me to learn from my mistakes. These lessons learned coupled with my education and compassion to help other's is why I became a life coach.
If you learn from the mistakes then you can take the mistakes as lessons learned.

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My Thoughts


Narcissist Relationships

Many people are going through a lot rather you are single or married. You have single people wanting to be married and married people wanting to be divorced. Taking the time to renew your mind to learn new and updated information about being in a Healthy Relationship can and will save you from a lot of unnecessary heartaches, pain and suffering. By equipping yourself with the right information this will in tune help guide you in the right direction of being in a healthy relationship verses living years in a toxic relationship.

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Self- Publishing

Who Are You?

Definition of an Author: The writer of a book, article, or other text. One who practices writing as a profession. Stop thinking about your book and write your story.

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Building a Healthier Whole you after a Divorce or Unhealthy Relationship

Have you been married, then divorced but now you are single? Have you been married multiple times but now divorced or going through a divorce? Let’s Talk!!! The link below is a copy of my workbook titled, Building a Healthier Whole you After a Divorce or Unhealthy Relationship. You can purchase a copy on Amazon.

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