I’m Stephannie.
I am a doting mom.  Recently I retired from public school teaching after 30 years of service. Teaching is in my DNA.  As a former Pastor's wife, I served as a speaker, teacher, and intercessor for over 20 years and self published three conversational style books during that time. For the past nine years I have hosted a weekly podcast, The Winning Ways Show.  This helps me continue coaching others through teachings that equip, empower, and encourage. By the grace of God, I have overcome poor choices, workplace anxiety, neglect, racial discrimination, abandonment, rejection, misunderstanding, as well as the traumas of foster care, dysfunctional families, betrayals, divorce, and church hurts. Yet, none of these things move me.  I still love Christ Jesus, and believe in his purpose for family, friendship, marriage and the church.  Having the desire and  diligence to be on the other side of life's challenges has been empowering.

I am grateful to have lived to rejoice and experience a  bounty of triumphs without bitterness.   Imperfect, healed, decisive, and better are a part of the core of my being.  Many opportunities have allowed me to share my stories with others who think that they are alone in familiar life struggles.  Humility, hardships, and wins have made me a good fit, suitable vessel who coaches teachable clients through difficult aspects of life. I remain hopeful for humanity.  Thus, it is my hope that my clients embrace their challenges as opportunities for positive transformation.   I want them to know that I will always be rooting for them.  Let's do this!
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I Became a Life Coach

Gravitating towards coaching seems natural to me.  For as long as I can remember, cultivating others and provoking them to think about their thinking, reflect, and consider options has been a part of who I am.  I like challanging people to see themselves better and I enjoy even more watching people mature and overcome obstacles.
You've imagined winning. Now is the time to experience it.

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