I’m Danita.
For years I worked as a Case Manager in the Workforce Development sector, encouraging displaced workers and career seekers to pursue their dreams and aspirations despite personal barriers. It can be a cold world without accountability, hope, and ongoing support. 

After publishing my first book, "Falling for the Right One", I understood that a major part of my purpose was to inspire others to thrive beyond life's trauma and rejection. 

A Chicago native with a BA in English, Master's in Urban Planning, a startup 501c3 nonprofit, and 10 years of progressive experience in Career Advisement, I turned my passion into a budding profession to help clients to pursue their passion, whether in higher education, career advancement, entrepreneurship, personal growth, or financial freedom.

My coaching style is truly authentic, as I seek to provide you with practical guidance that is grounded in faith. 

We're in this together~

Tony Gaskins Academy courses completed:
 • Life Coaching Certification Course
 • Men Healing
 • Entrepreneurship With Purpose
 • When To Let Go
 • Make It Work
 • Real Love University
 • Soul-Ties
 • Dating 101: Understanding Men
 • 10 Steps To Self-Love
 • Social Media Mastery
 • Birth Your Book
 • How To Become A Speaker

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  • 30/hr
  • 1-5 Years Experience
  • Certified
  • Audio Sessions
Languages: English
Specializing in:

Faith-Based Career Coaching

Family Relationships

Personal Power


I Became a Life Coach

I became a Life Coach to help people conquer their inner selves, establish healthy boundaries, and unlock life-altering possibilities of abundance and freedom. 

"I got a good deal of clarity from our first session. It helped me to realize that things weren’t all my fault." ~MG

"I really feel like youre amazing and you give great insight. You are going through the exact same thing im going through. And its just a great fit." ~AR
~Prisoner of Hope, Zechariah 9:12

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My Thoughts



Processing your origins can help in the process of discovering tools for self-love and tilling the soil for future growth. God knew what He was doing!

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Keep Your Day Job!

Yes, everyone wants to be a BOSS, but working a job can lay the foundation you need for longevity as a prosperous entrepreneur.

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Who Moved This Mountain?

“My headphones rang out as long as I could blast them while my eyes were closed and my hands raised high. I was in my bedroom in full blown worship at a point of gratefulness. My heart was full…and as He does, God whispered a revelation into my heart that blew my mind.” #faithwalk #spiritualrevelation #walkonwater #eyeshaventseen

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I Used to Love Her…Too!

“As I got older and grew stronger in my faith, I took time reading the Word of God for myself. My fondness of hip hop did not go away and I remember going on several fasts from the music but never really parted with the movement entirely. It took some time before I realized why I felt so connected to the genre.”
#Christianity #Evangelism #Faith #FaithWalk #hiphop #andtheysaychicity #musictherapy

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She Moves

“I grew up despising my body because it seemed to draw too much attention to myself before I fully understood what sex or seduction even was…I just wanted to keep winning dance contests and jumping double dutch without having to hold my body in place with one arm.” #ProtecttheBlackWoman #protectBlackgirls

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Nice for What?

You were the nicest yet it seemed no one wanted to stick around and reciprocate. You didn’t win many proposals or promotions. And what’s worst, you often the only ‘nice’ person around – you weren’t intentionally selfish in any arena and that seemed to make you a target in certain circles. You seemed to always get the short end of the stick and were often forgotten and ‘slept on’.

So what is the point?

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Be Your Own Peace

What a blessing it is to get to know yourself. What was I capable of actually bringing to the table? What are my dreams and aspirations? If it is not time for marriage, what is God calling me to instead? Whatever it is must be better than what I am imagining it to be!

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Dream a Little

“We are a flawed, yet fearfully made creation in our Heavenly Father’s eyes. I encourage you to try on hope – take some time to truly hope and expect great things in your life. Get still. Breathe deep.”

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Jumpstart Your Career Shift

“It wasn’t until I found myself completely depressed and divorcing my best friend that I questioned my path. I’d settled and now realized that I wanted more out of life. But did I deserve it?”

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I am NOT my Mother!

As I stood with my hands out, head down, I was ready to receive whatever the Lord was trying to say. I prepared my heart for correction or something I might not want to hear. I surrendered my thoughts and quieted any distractions in my mind. All of a sudden, I heard God say “Your mother, she is loving you to her fullest capacity.”

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Make New Friends, Your Future Depends on It

“That also meant I needed to go into this next phase in life EXPECTING my heart to break. I could no longer be paralyzed by the fear of offense – I had to consistently meet new people and share my dream, my baby with them and actually care about their response.”

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Jealousy Stunts Your Growth

“For years, I just thought that I was not all that attractive. I thought I had been dealt a bad hand and just had to wait my turn. There were so many pretty women out there – how was I supposed to compete?”

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The Dreamer

“Many of us grow up believing we could be anything we want – a princess, an astronaut, a mermaid (that’s what I wanted to be), a judge, a superhero…the list goes on! Along the way of becoming an adult, we lose some of our spark by realizing what it takes to actually become what we’ve dreamed of.”

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Deciding to Coach

It was simple, really… I kept coming across long-term friends and family members seeking guidance in their relationships and career choices. I found myself in

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