I’m B. Wiley.
Hey there! I’m Dating Coach B. Wiley. The B stands for Brooke.

It brings me pleasure to assist you in your dating troubles and communication issues. Romantic relationships will have their challenges, however, I’m here to give you the tools required to navigate your way through these challenges in a healthy way. I received my degree from the School of Mass Communication, and I started my journey to evolving into a Professional Life Coach in January of 2014. My main goals are to help women learn how to use their voice and stop settling for inconsistent men. 

As a former serial dater, I have experiences with all kinds of men of all races, from different backgrounds. I'm talking about the broke man, the rapper, the out on parole man, the lying man, the dream selling man and the down low guy too. You name it. I have had my share of dating and relationship disasters. I had a pattern of choosing the BEST out of the MESS. Not only that, but I was also putting men before God, which was my #1 mistake across the board. That in itself is why I continued to dead end date for many years. Along my journey of serial dating, I had a ton of jacked up, one sided, toxic situationships. I dated in fear, I had no voice, I used my body to try to get the guy to no avail and I kept going after the guys that simply were not interested in committing to me outside of sexual relations. 

I decided to take what I call “a pause for the cause” back in 2017 from dating. Only then did I sit with myself and begin the long journey of understanding self-love and what was required of myself to then be organically aligned with true authentic love. If you're still here reading my profile that means you're fed up with your dating/relationship patterns. You're also sick of dating guys that seem so right only to be so WRONG! I get it. I need for you to understand that you’re worthy, what you want matters and respect is a non-negotiable when dating.

Are you sick of guys leaving you on read, confusing you and sending you mixed signals? Of course, you are. With my experience and education, I can give you real life dating/relationship scenarios to sharpen your saw when it comes to recognizing red flags and setting clear boundaries when dating. I also, can give you clear communication skills to help you navigate your way through dating so that you attract men of substance vs guys who just want to be in a situationship with you.

When you hire me as your Life Coach, I will go over the many do's, don'ts and how-to's of building meaningful relationships across the board. Whether you're on a 1st date or in a new budding relationship, my communication tips and tricks have been proven to create solutions versus more confusion. 

Feeling frustrated with having the same conversation with no resolve? Are you tired of being overlooked? Are you frustrated with the dating scene? Have no fear, your new Life Coach is here. Here to help you be seen, understood, heard and respected. Don't believe me? Book ONE session and watch what happens!
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I Became a Life Coach

I felt obligated to teach others how to communicate effectively based solely upon the skills I've learned, the education I've received and specifically from my personal experiences. The lack of communication and the fear of having a conversation that is necessary is crippling our relationships. Growing up in a single family home and seeing other women doing the same, triggered me. I needed to be able to serve in a way that could break that cycle. So I decided to become a Life Coach and invest my energy into helping women reset their mindset and understand their worth. As well as help men feel appreciated, respected and understood.
As long as you're watering the grass under your feet, you will continue to GROW!

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